The GOANS ON AIR is a collective voice of the Goan Overseas Association WA Inc (GOA WA), who in unison with all Indians living here irrespective of caste or creed strive to produce harmony by our unity in diversity. Our deep spiritual roots and values and our rich cultural traditions have taught us that the more we share and celebrate our lives, the more there is in life to celebrate.

The GOANS ON AIR one hour light entertainment and informational program is broadcast every Friday from 7am to 8am and is produced by five dedicated team of volunteers who rotate in sequence to present an hour of fun and enjoyment to our local community.  

Additionally, Radio Station 6EBA’s online live streaming facility at makes it possible for our international diaspora to benefit by tuning in to our program live from anywhere across the globe 

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The Trendy's

The Trendy's programme is presented by our Ex President  Manny Rodrigues and  June Rodrigues  


The Amigos

The Amigos as they call themselves is presented by Delfino Morais  and Oswald Fernandes. 


The Youth Show

The youth show is being presented by Bernard D'sa  temporarily till we have the young ones  to have a show of their own 


Chinchechim Bottam

The Chinchechim Bottam is presented by the current President of the GOA , Caesar Pereira. 


Fab 4

Angelo, Bernard, Newton and Mario comprise  the Fab 4 team. At the moment they are taking a break but will be back soon  to entertain you with their laughter, music and much more 


Awesome Blossoms

This is an all women's show which is presented by Gladys Sequeira  and Valerie Monteiro. 

Radio show schedule for the year 2017