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About Us

Our Vision & Mission

The Goan Overseas Association was established in 1971 to promote the social, cultural, welfare, education, spiritual and sporting aspirations of the community

Establish close links with mainstream organisations and with other associations both in Australia and overseas

Develop a wider appreciation of Goan culture and of the Goan community in Western Australia.

Our Values

Our Mission is guided by the following Values:

A respect for the diversity in the community and Australia

A concern for others and a commitment to ethical behaviour and social justice

A spirit of advancement of all members of the community in a modern social, economic and technological society.

Our Goals

We fulfil our Mission by

Promoting social, cultural, welfare, educational and sporting activities

Recognising excellence amongst our community

Contributing to mainstream events and other associations for the benefit of the wider community.


For Members Only


The AGM of the GOA committee was held at AAA house on 5 August 2018 and a new Committee was elected un-opposed. The new committee would like to thank all the members who attended the AGM and we hope to receive your support during our tenure.    

On the day, a Special Resolution was passed “resolution without dissent” and the members of GOAWA present at the meeting ratified:

"That the GOAWA has its existing Constitution (rules of the association) be altered in accordance with the attachment to this resolution to enable the GOAWA to comply with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015"  

We are now in the process of lodging the new constitution with the dept. of Consumer Protection.

Summary of Events

No upcoming events.

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Contact numbers of the office bearers  of the current term 2018 - 20 can be found on the Management Committee  page  of our website